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So why Youtube. The answer is simple, it's easier and it does not take any space on my webhotel. Personally, I like to fly shoot video and share my movies, I have filmed and sharing since the beginning of 2000 and in the beginning through my own website where I uploaded my movies. On Youtube did I uploaded my first flight movie in May 2012 and not before 2015 did I began to use Youtube more for my flight movies. Then in 2016 I started to spend a little more on trying to deliver a little more thoughtful films with a little higher quality, and made me my personal goals for my Youtube Channel. I have about 50% of viewers from Sweden and Norway, then 40% from the USA and England and those remaining 10% is spread over the world. So the few times that I talk directly to my viewers will be in English, those movies where I speak Swedish or Norwegian does I make subtitles for in English. Then all those positive comments, phones and other ways I have been in contact by people who have seen and see my videos gives more than you think. That one person takes the time to check out a video then comment on providing energy to continue to put out movies, I am humbled and delighted that people take the time to look, and then comment on a movie I made. Many believe that uploading a video on Youtube is a quick and easy thing, the truth is quite different. First, one should have the stuff to shoot at, then you should succeed in self-filming, after that you have to go through the raw material where you then can begin the part of editing a film. After editing do you have to check through if there are things you should add or take away, to straighten things miss spelling and those pieces. Then you have to render the video and in today's society do films have to be in full HD 1080i. Then you can start an upload the video to YouTube. When you come so far have you just used about 5-10% of the material you have filmed. When you are finally ready to upload so you should post the film in various places, and be ready to respond to any comments. So one single film that most people take for granted requires many hours of work that never gets paid for. So is this something you wish to do will you need to have a passion for it to be able to do this over several years as well as deliver a certain quality that people demands without them thinking about what's behind when they just are accustomed to click around on Youtube and enjoy plenty of all those great movies that people have put a lot of time in. I do not have a specific schedule for uploading videos due to a disease I have that can make me bedridden for several weeks time to time. So I do film almost every time that I'm out flying, and if I can due to my disease will I edit the videos and upload them as soon as possible after I filmed them. I have stooped using music in my videos and only use the original sound from the field. The reason is that you can't find music that everybody likes. When you come over a perfect video and it's playing the music that you really hate does that ruin the whole video. As for this to make money on Youtube, then probably we have the wrong type of hobby and movies. If you want to start a YouTube channel to make money you should probably choose something other than model aircraft unfortunately. So if you will support me and my YouTube channel can you do so by make a donaton to me, just go to my "Support me" page.
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